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Snowy River SRC-14

Welcome to the world of the 2023 SRC-14, the ultimate compact caravan that doesn't sacrifice on comfort or functionality. Despite its small size, this exceptional model is filled with a remarkable range of features, guaranteeing your journey is accompanied by unmatched comfort. With its cosy and inviting interior, it becomes your cherished home on wheels, providing a delightful sanctuary wherever your adventures may lead.


Travel Height: 3070mm

Body Length: 4310mm


Tare Weight: 1691Kg

Single Axle

From: $77,490


Discover the impressive capacity of the SRC-14, defying expectations with its compact yet spacious design. This caravan offers a surprisingly generous interior, ensuring ample room for your needs while retaining the premium features that are indispensable for caravanners like yourself.

Full Specifications


The 2023 SRC-14 upgraded model - the perfect choice for adventurous Kiwis who love caravanning but want something smaller in size. Being the smallest model in our range, this caravan is fully equipped with all the components you need.


Experience the 2023 SRC-14 upgraded model, where comfort and convenience converge within a compact space. As the smallest caravan in the Snowy River range, it defies expectations with its surprising spaciousness, while showcasing new interior features that provide the perfect balance of comfort and convenience.

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