Snowy River Caravans

Snowy River Caravans

Discover New Zealand in one of our affordable, modern and stylish caravans. The Snowy River Caravans range includes small caravans, couples touring vans, family bunk caravans, spacious slide outs and multi-award-winning caravan models! All our caravans are classed as semi off road allowing you to get off the beaten track and take your adventure further. There is a Snowy River Caravans model to suit your budget, family & lifestyle.

Snowy River Caravans - SRC-14


From $77,490 or $232 pw

Welcome to the world of the 2023 SRC-14, the ultimate compact caravan that doesn't sacrifice on comfort or functionality. Despite its small size, this exceptional model...

Snowy River Caravans - SRC-16


From $80,490 or $241 pw

The 2023 SRC-16 is the ideal compact caravan for an unforgettable Kiwi caravanning adventure. With a range of exceptional amenities and safety features, this caravan is...

Snowy River Caravans - SRC-17


From $85,490 or $255 pw

The redesigned SRC-17 2023 model is the perfect caravan for a stylish, hassle-free adventure. Ideal for couples or singles who desire simplicity with all the essential...

Snowy River Caravans - SRC-18


From $91,490 or $273 pw

The 2023 SRC-18 model has been expertly redesigned to provide a uniquely New Zealand caravan experience with exceptional features and unparalleled value. Using only...

Snowy River Caravans - SRC-19


From $92,490 or $276 pw

Step inside the 2023 SRC-19 caravan and discover a world of refined elegance, luxurious comfort, and innovative features designed to elevate your travel experience. Crafted...

Snowy River Caravans - SRC-20


From $95,490 or $285 pw

Introducing the SRC-20 2024 model, expertly crafted to enhance your touring experience across New Zealand's stunning landscapes. This revamped model is equipped with an...


From $95,990 or $286 pw

The SRC-20F model is the ultimate choice for your family's next adventure. This feature-packed caravan offers ample space and a range of exciting amenities, ensuring a...

Snowy River Caravans - SRC-21


From $96,490 or $287 pw

The 2023 SRC-21 Caravan is the perfect balance of practicality and style, complete with enhanced features and top-of-the-line amenities that make it an unbeatable choice for...

Snowy River Caravans - SRC-21


From $105,490 or $314 pw

SRC-21S state-of-the-art slide-out model represents the future of caravan experiences, blending innovative features with a contemporary aesthetic to redefine comfort and...

Snowy River Caravans - SRC-22


From $97,490 or $291 pw

The 2023 SRC-22 upgraded model provides exceptional quality, full of internal and external features expected by discerning Kiwi caravanners, at an affordable price....

Snowy River Caravans - SRC-22


From $99,490 or $297 pw

Introducing the all-new 2023 Snowy River SRC-22F model - the ideal choice for your family's upcoming escapades. This upgraded caravan sets a new standard, ingeniously...

Snowy River Caravans - SRC-22


From $106,490 or $317 pw

Designed to suit New Zealand caravanning and camping adventures, this caravan boasts a spacious layout with plush features and top-of-the-line appliances making the SRC-22S...

Snowy River Caravans - SRC-23


From $103,490 or $309 pw

Explore Space and Comfort. The SRC-23, the largest caravan in the Snowy River range, is a true standout in the 2023 model lineup, boasting an array of exciting new features...


From $108,490 or $323 pw

Are you ready to experience New Zealand in a whole new way? Look no further than the Multi-Terrain SRT19, a 19ft off-road caravan with ensuite. With its versatile features...


From $109,990 or $328 pw

Discover the beauty of New Zealand with the sophisticated and roomy SRT20 Multi-Terrain off-road caravan with bathroom and queen bed. With enough seating for four, as well as...


From $109,990 or $328 pw

The Snowy River SRT20F is not your typical family offroad caravan. It's a rugged, Multi-Terrain designed to take you off the beaten track with ease. With its durable...


From $114,990 or $343 pw

Why not treat your loved ones to an ultimate outdoor adventure? The remarkable SRT22F is exactly what you need for a smooth journey, packed with all the necessary specs and...

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