Terms & Conditions

Warranty period for caravans commences from the date of delivery for the following periods:

  • All appliances, Gas and Electric (including the plumbing systems) for 12 months (unless stated otherwise)

  • Caravan Body & exterior seals (excluding roof vent mechanisms) for 36 months (unless stated otherwise)

  • Chassis warranty (excluding perishable items such a shock absorbers/rubbers) for 12 months (unless stated otherwise)

Yearly servicing is required each year for all new caravans in order for the warranty to remain valid

Any modifications undertaken to the items covered by this warranty will automatically render the warranty null and void.

Should the caravan be taken off-road or over other unsuitable terrain, this will also render this warranty null and void.

If your caravan sustains impact or crash damage then this could also render the warranty null and void.

Any repairs to the caravan are to be undertaken at CMG Camper’s premises, unless specifically stated or approved otherwise.

Appliances that are covered under this warranty are as stated below:

  • Heaters (underfloor or wall mounted) unless operated without water or as stated by manufacture

  • Oven/grill and hobs (electric and gas)

  • Water system, water heater, pump and taps unless operated without water or as stated by manufacture

  • Electrical system (230V & 12V)

Things not covered by warranty:

This warranty is non-transferable so once the caravan has been sold this warranty is invalid. A warranty can be transferred for a fee however (if the caravan has had its service maintained as per warranty).

*Permanent Living – Your Caravan/Motorhome is designed and built for touring and holiday use and any warranty will be void if residing in, or if used as permanent accommodation or commercial use.

In the case of unnecessary use of force or general wear and tear resulting in damage to the caravan, Caravan Specialists will assess on a case by case basis whether the warranty covers such an incidence. These breakages can include:

  • windows

  • panoramic window(s)

  • wheels

  • locks

  • catches

  • window hatches

Accessories or modifications to your Caravan/Motorhome that has not been installed or approved by CMG Campers will void your warranty. This includes but is not limited to; solar panels, motor movers, batteries, inverters, TV satellites, interior/exterior modifications.

Your caravan is designed to be towed by a standard passenger vehicle, towing by a heavy usage vehicle will render warranty void.

Important — How to look after your battery

Caravan Deep Cycle Batteries should be DISCONNECTED when the caravan is in storage.

This is to ensure that the battery does not discharge more than 50% as this shortens the life of the battery.

Should you have access to power, reconnect the battery every month and leave on charge for a minimum of 24 HOURS.

Please note that during the winter months when there is less sunshine a solar panel (should your caravan be fitted with one) may not keep the battery fully charged.